About the Project


Farmers have somewhat coped with climate-related changes through the use of local knowledge but there is a call for us as researchers to assist in them better adapting to these changes. For small economies like Jamaica where commercial farming is limited. The availability and affordability of food and rural livelihoods are now hinged on farmers employing transformational adaptation measures.


This project aims to enhance the knowledge capacity of farmers through adaptive irrigation strategies. It's thrust to educate farmers to adjust practices at the local level through education, improved irrigation methods and social capital may improve farming livelihoods and maximize yields, thus enhancing national food security.

Tips & Icebreakers 


There are several considerations for a successful Farmer Field School. Icebreakers are an effective way of kicking off a session and making everyone more comfortable with each other. Check out some 'Jamaicanize' icebreakers.

Red Bank Community
The Red Bank Farmer Field School is made up of farmers between the ages of 34-73. Sessions are held in the field where farmers can learn techniques through a hands-on approach.
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Department of Geography & Geology

The University of the West Indies, Jamaica

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